La Pradera de Utive

Magnificent Project in the East Area of the City.

  • Flat lots of 1,000 m2
  • Only 35 minutes from the city
  • Paradise of nature and tranquility
  • Picturesque landscapes, flora and fauna
  • Private spa
  • We can finance
  • Owning is easy
  • Fast and without intermediaries

Rural project, which consists of an area of 39 Ha + 6,647.51, parceled into 347 lots of 20 meters by 50 meters. There are bigger lots! Stages sold in full, will soon stage III Utive, in projection -

The project is located in the eastern area of Panama City, strategically located in the vicinity of the renowned beach resort of La Mesa de San Martin at just 45 kilometers and 30 minutes from Panama City.

El Proyecto La Pradera de Utivé, as a private spa, which has now been enabled with a series of ranches forming a social area of 5 hectares + 6709.16 m² and 1.5 kilometers refreshing river, which is at a level height 200 meters below the lots, which does not represent any danger of flooding and you can enjoy in the company of your family, neighbors and guests.

The project has Tosca streets of 15 meters wide, flat lots, mostly, with dimensions ranging from 20 meters by 50 meters. All access roads to the project have entrance gates, providing a safe environment for the residents of the project.

There is an Owners Committee whose efforts, together with the company, have achieved the installation of an electrical network, as well as a private aqueduct system. All this allows us to offer an environment of tranquility, close to the city, at an affordable price with convenient monthly payments.

What are you waiting for? Live the Tranquility, Live the Nature, Live the Life in… La Pradera de Utivé. THERE IS A LOT WAITING FOR YOU!